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Guys laughed when I approached
the blonde bombshell...
but when she left on my arm...

Order How To Be A Lady Killer-
Killer seduction secrets for guys...
...revealed by a woman

"Female Code of Silence Smashed As Forbidden Methods For
Picking Up Women Are Revealed in Full... By A Woman"

Dear friend,

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Print This Page

I walked up to the blonde, whispered 15 words in her ear, then we left
arm in arm seconds later. What followed was the hottest night you could
ever imagine!!....but the most remarkable facts are: I'd never met her
before, never spoken to her before and didn't even know her name.

So who was this blonde bombshell? Where did I learn what to say? How
often does it work? How did I know she was up for it? And what were
those 15 magic words...?

... all will be revealed to you just minutes from now.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Jeffrey. Chances
are you haven't heard of me before. But by the time you finish reading
this page, you'll be glad you finally did.

You are about to begin an exciting journey. A journey where doors will
unlock to the hearts and bedrooms of the most beautiful women you can
imagine. You don't realize it yet but this journey will begin before
you reach the bottom of this page. This could be the most eye-opening
few moments you will ever spend. Hang on to your hat...

...because How To Be A Lady Killer by Ann May is simply dynamite.

In a moment, I'll tell you more about Ann May, why Ann is a dating
expert and why her course will blow your hit rate with women through
the roof. But, it doesn't matter if:


You are looking for quick sex or a life-partner

sexy women

The hottest women - those you really want - always end up "just

erotic woman

You see jealous predators trying to tempt away your girl


You are tall or short, fat or thin, rich or poor

beautiful women

You are bald and toothless, handsome or ugly, confident or shy

...It just doesn't matter because How To Be A Lady Killer will
skyrocket the number of women you meet, date, sleep with and hold on
to. As you study every word of this explosive course, you will be
astonished you got near a woman without it.

One thing is for certain, a growing wave of excitement is sweeping the
world of dating and seduction right now. Get in at the start and you
will be miles ahead of every guy you know. Discover the shocking
reasons why below....

Secrets only a woman knows
- and she is telling it all

Beauty salon owner Ann May has shattered the female code of silence
into a hundred pieces. Ann has revealed the simple steps you must take
to meet, attract, date and bed stunning women in record time. Never
before has a woman dared to expose these secrets and in such detail the
contents should be triple x-rated.

Listen, the simple fact is: women are just not like us guys. They think
different, look different, sound different, have a different aroma and
handle their relationships different. And you love 'em for it right...?
Errr... well, most of the time...

...But have you ever tried to understand a woman or get her to tell you
what she wants when she gets upset with you? It's tough, right? She
expects you to read her mind and just "know". Have you ever found that
with women? And if you cannot read her mind, have you noticed how she
likes to be upset for a long, long time? Yes? Have you sometimes
wondered if women are a different species?

The simple truth is this; only women can ever understand another woman.
So they only ever say what they REALLY want from guys to other women.
And they make certain there are no guys around, listening in.

But this is where Ann May has a unique advantage that will give you the
killer edge with every woman you meet from this day forward. For the
last six years Ann has owned and run a women only beauty salon.

Day after day, week after week, hundreds of women pass through Ann's
salon in this female only environment. And what do you think is their
favorite topic of conversation? Yes you guessed it "us guys" - what
we've done, what we haven't done, what we did right, what we said, how
we said it, how we performed and many more things too hot for you to
hear, until later...

How to read the thoughts of stunning Women

Here's a fact for you: over the last six years 46,157 women have passed
through Ann's salon, each with a story to tell about their latest guy.
From instant first attraction to tear-filled bust-ups, from whirlwind
first dates to endless nights of steamy passion, no subject is safe
from discussion. That's 46,157 stories from women about guys - and man,
you'll be astonished to hear some of the things women get up to...!!

But this is not some bunch of freaky women, sat weeping about their
problems in a therapists chair. These are normal, healthy, great
looking girls - in a beauty salon looking sexy for you. Just the type
of girl you are looking for, right? These are red-hot girls with golden
tans, luscious lips and legs right up to their...

Order How To Be A Lady Killer now to gain the inside story about women
from the only person who can really know - another woman. Warning!! Be
ready for a shock, because Ann May is about to tell you the truth, the
whole truth and nothing but the truth about what women want and how you
can give it to them.

In minutes you will discover the reasons why some guys can turn on
women in a flash, with a few chosen words - and how you can be one of
those guys by the end of this week.


How Many Women Can You Handle?

How many different women would you like to meet, date and sleep with?
Three every month, two per week, one each day? Well what if I were to
say you can pick your own number? Would you be interested to know

But on-line you will find hundreds of people trying to show you the way
to pick up women. They can't all be right.

So how do you know what to believe? Have you seen endless offers for
the same old recycled solutions? They say:

dating technique

Just be yourself - (if only it were that simple)


Develop the right mind-set - (hmmm)


Confidence is the answer - (I wish)


The answer is deep within - (grin)


It's just a matter of timing - (Have you tried cycles of the moon?)

Each of them tell you their approach is the only way. They spend all
their time arguing amongst themselves. That makes me chuckle - but
makes another part of me angry. Really angry! Because it's not what
they're giving you that matters, it's what they're not giving you.

By only showing you their own small part of the picture they're not
teaching you the critical skills you need to hold a woman's attention.
Without these skills, even the richest, most handsome guy in the world
will never get his hands on the right woman. But that fact is silently
hidden from you...until now.

So who IS correct? Who will lead you to the truth? What are the skills
you most need to learn...?

Well, allow me tell you a little about the revolutionary approach
inside How To Be A Lady Killer. You can begin to apply it today and
I'll guarantee you've never heard of anything like it before. It's a
fresh but explosive idea and it's what will finally make the difference
to your dating.

It's called The Seduction Pyramid and the excitement it's generating is
spreading like wildfire. I'll tell you more about The Seduction Pyramid
and what it will do for you in a few moments...

A dating disaster

...But before you read any further, let me confess something: I was a
dating dunce. My friends used to howl with laughter at my pick up
attempts. There was no place where a woman was safe from my desperate
advances - bars, clubs, night-classes, parties, diners. Oh man give it
a rest! Searching for a woman was a full time job.

And what was my method? Well, when I saw a hot woman, I would stand and
stare at her non-stop until she saw me looking. Then what would I
do...? Walk over and start talking to her, right...? Hmmm... not quite,
then I would stare some more. In fact I would just stare and stare at
her all night.

Eventually she would leave with her friends. Then I would laugh to
myself and say "If only she knew what she just missed". Oh dear!! My
record fastest time to "stare" a woman into leaving the same room as me
was less than 5 minutes from when she first arrived. That's quite some
going, right?

On the rare occasions I did speak to women, my words ran dry after 30
seconds, then I had to excuse myself and leave soon after. If I ever
did manage get a date, I could make even the keenest girl unwilling to
see me again after only one date.

But what was I doing to cause this? I had no idea. If there had been an
award for the world's most hopeless dater, I would have scooped the
prize annually. You can see why my friends were laughing, right?
Needless to say, I spent many months dateless, sexless and alone.

Week after week, month after month, my confidence plummeted to new
depths. In fact I was only days from quitting on women and dating
altogether as I could not take any more. The gut-wrenching feeling of
rejection in the pit of my stomach was an almost permanent presence. Do
you know the feeling I mean? The stress was unbearable.

But then one day it happened, I remember it clearly... with my
confidence at an all time low, I pleaded with my good friend Ann May to
tell me straight, as a woman, what I should be doing to finally get the
girl. She took a deep breath and easing me in gently, stated three
simple things I must do if I wanted any chance of picking up a woman. A
skeptic, after all these years of plunging confidence, I thought it
sounded far too easy to be true, but I listened some more.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Oh man, am I glad I did. Suddenly it all clicked into place and there
was a hotlink to my brain. I soaked up everything I heard like a hot
dry sponge in a cold pool of water. Talk about having a smile on your

In a flash my confidence with women took off and the results started
showing within days. First a few great chats with top women, then a few
phone numbers handed over from hot prospects, followed by a few dates
and then it happened - boom - more women and sex than I could handle.
It just kept on going - I was amazed and wondered where it was going to
end. And all this from the same guy who just days earlier could not
keep a woman in the same room. Can you imagine the feelings of joy this

How To Be A Lady Killer did not even exist back then, but after seeing
the stunning power of Ann's methods in action I pleaded with her for
months on end to publish them in words. At first Ann flatly refused,
worried about how women would react to her demolishing their advantage
over men. Slowly I convinced Ann it was time to level the playing field
for us guys once and for all.

But I was in for the shock of my life when I read Ann's finished work.
Not only did she reveal every little trick, tip and method we spoke
about, she squeezed in 5-times more than she had ever told me before. I
was blown away by the power of her words!!

What I discovered was such a collection of fresh concepts, such a
breakthrough in it's approach and was so jam-packed full of priceless
ideas I just had to tell you about it, so Ann will do for you what she
did for me. In minutes you will discover for yourself exactly why I'm
bursting with such enthusiasm.

If you're like me you've been searching for answers to the "women"
puzzle for longer than you care to remember. But you have a priceless
advantage over me. Whilst I sat and waited for Ann May's lessons to
fall into my lap, you've gone out and found them for yourself. If she
made such a huge difference to someone as lazy as me, can you begin to
imagine what she will do for a "man of action" like you?

So what exactly has How To Be A Lady Killer and Ann's methods done for
me? Well they revolutionized my dating, gave me back my confidence and
demolished the stress of meeting women - now it's non-stop pleasure.
But best of all, do you remember those howls of laughter I mentioned
earlier? Well they're just a distant memory, because now I know that...

...Picking up women is the most rewarding skill you can ever master - nothing

Yes, get it right and picking up women is the world's fastest way for
you to put a smile on your face from ear to ear and keep it there -
permanently. Here's just a sample of what it could mean to you:


Skillfully bypass a woman's radar, so she doesn't even realize you are
picking her up... until she's already yours.

dating women

Turn friends green with envy, as you constantly have a stream of
beautiful women around you.


Confidently approach every hot woman you see with magnetic charisma and
banish hesitation forever.


Heck, you could just sit around and watch women fight over you
And that's just the start...

...Imagine what else these forbidden skills
could mean to your life...

But listen up, because if you don't get it right, women are the world's
fastest way to drive you to despair - deep despair.

Believe me - the difference between super-studs with bulging confidence
and those without a date all year is so tiny you'll need a microscope
to see it.
Stunning Women

In How To Be A Lady Killer, Ann May finally spills the beans about how
you can approach women with breath-taking skill and then drive yourself
to night after night of pleasure and fun!

This is not the tired-out, washed-up, recycled waste you'll see being
pumped out by oh so many others. How To Be A Lady Killer is crammed
full of revolutionary ideas and little-known concepts that only women
could possibly know. You'll be amazed at its simplicity, but astonished
at the potential rewards for you.

The chances are you've heard tiny snippets, but How To Be A Lady Killer
will plug the gaping holes you see showing in other dating and
seduction guides. It's simply light years ahead of anything else.
You'll discover how to attract women like starving bears to a pot of

Master this astonishing breakthrough approach and you just cannot fail
with women today. And it's just so simple to understand, you'll be
kicking yourself for not discovering it sooner.


A "system" for delivering red-hot women to you

What would it be worth to you, if you could make the hottest woman so
completely turned on and desiring you only a few minutes or even
seconds after you meet her?

Order How To Be A Lady Killer now and you'll discover how to meet the
woman of your dreams. How to talk to her in such a way that she only
sees you in the room. How to make her so wrapped up in you, she is
simply bursting to see more of you. What to say to her (and what not to
say) so you can gently and skillfully lead her through the most steamy
seduction you have ever experienced.

Ann May has taken everything she knows about women and boiled it down
into a battle-tested, step-by-step, instruction manual designed for one
purpose - to have hoards of women flocking around you. These are the
exact steps I used on the "15-word blonde" I mentioned earlier (more
about that later) and on countless women since. They will work for you
too - guaranteed.

No fluff, no filler, just facts.

But stop!! Because knowledge is useless. Yes you heard that right, all
knowledge is useless unless you know exactly how to apply it in every
situation. In How To Be A Lady Killer you will uncover a simple to
follow "system" for delivering red-hot women to you like a production
line on overdrive. It's so easy to understand you'll only need to read
it once and you can start using these methods as early as tonight!!

Can one course really make this difference?

Absolutely! You bet it can.

Listen, I'm not going to say you will bed thousands of women every year
and never have a knock-back again. If anyone tells you that, please
laugh at them and show no mercy. I'm not going to say you will find
your soul-mate within two weeks or be out dating super-models with your
new-found skills.

I'm going to give it to you straight. My address and phone number are
on the bottom of every page of this web-site. You'll see I have a real
e-mail address and I answer all questions personally.

Believe me when I say that if How To Be A Lady Killer doesn't
revolutionize your dating, arouse unstoppable enthusiasm and fire-up
your nights with non-stop pleasure then no other book, course or
training will. And that's the plain and simple truth.


A Revolutionary Breakthrough Approach To Seduction For Guys That's Sweeping
Women Off Their Feet Worldwide...

Forget just about everything you've heard from the latest so called
relationship guru. You will waste hundreds of dates and hundreds of
dollars trying to figure out if their approach works for you. How To Be
A Lady Killer maps out a complete blueprint for your success with women
from start to finish.

In How To Be A Lady Killer the exact steps you need to take in the
exact order you need to take them are laid out for you to follow. Every
last step is explained for you in full detail from A to Z. Nothing is
left out, nothing is left to guess-work and nothing else is needed to
piece it all together.

Here are just some of the diamonds hidden away for you inside How To Be
A Lady Killer:

The one cardinal sin you must never commit when you speak to a woman -
slip up here and your chances of recovering are virtually nil. And
there is a 92.4% chance you are already doing it. Find out what it is
and how to fix it now on page 31.

What are a woman's four most basic needs and how can you satisfy them
every time? One of these is almost unheard of - the most important
one!! Learn how you can win her heart forever. Start now on page 25.

The single most important part of seducing a woman with sizzling
consistency. Hook your dream girl every time and reel her in like a
fish on a line. Page 18.

The single best way to rocket your chances of getting inside a woman's
underwear. You will draw women towards you like an industrial strength
magnet. Take a look at page 20 now.

Supercharge your sex-life with three simple methods to rocket your
hit-rate with women. Whether you want quality, quantity or both - you
will see stunning results. Page 54.

How to avoid those deeply embarrassing silences during
conversations...and why keeping her talking to you is the sure-fire way
to bed her tonight. This alone is worth 10 times the price of the
course. Turn to page 61.

Finally revealed: the truth about how soon you should call a woman
after you get her number. Are you thinking 2 to 3 days...? Think again,
you could be killing your chances by over 62%. See proof on page 201.

Conquer your choice of red-hot women with this fast-track method to
make a sizzling first approach. Works like a charm. Check out page 73.

One foolproof method to drive a first impression so deep inside her
mind, she will be beating down your door to satisfy her desires. Head
for page 82.

Capture any woman you choose with twenty-seven astonishing ways to grab
and hold a woman's attention. Drive her crazy with desire as she hangs
on every word you say for as long as you want. Starts on page 105.

Forbidden methods to command women with hypnosis. How to slip your
instructions so deep inside her mind she will swear they are her own
thoughts. Man, you must promise to use these methods with care (some
think they should be illegal)!! With such power comes enormous
responsibility. Find out why on page 121.

What raw qualities in a man, send women into a frenzy of sexual desire?
(Note: two of these are almost unheard of and one is so important you
should never approach a woman without it again... if you REALLY want
her). Head straight for page 129.

The twelve greatest mistakes men make with women. Most guys make five
of these inside the first ten minutes. Skillfully side-step these
common pit-falls and watch in disbelief as the sexiest women line up to
be with you. Start on page 144.

Eleven secret messages your body may be broadcasting without your
knowledge - (Warning: one of these could kill every approach you make
to a woman before you are within 10 feet of her... unless you are
aware). See page 164.

A thrilling 10-second "trick" you can perform on any woman to instantly
expose her true desire for you... and you do not even need speak a
word. Never again waste time on no-hopers - head straight to the women
who are smoldering with passion. See page 171.

EXPOSED: seven sure-fire signs a woman is flirting with you. Develop
laser-precision accuracy for spotting the women who are hot for sex
with you. Start right now on page 184.

Sixteen incredible methods you can use to seduce your choice of woman.
You'll have women stampeding towards your bedroom like a herd of wild
animals. Page 172.

Skillfully plant the desire for sex with you so deeply inside a woman's
mind, every fiber of her body will scream at her to bed you now... and
she won't know why. Head straight for page 122.

Six killer steps to a sizzling first date encounter to leave her
gasping to see you again. WARNING!! Miss out just one of these and you
may never get another chance. Discover why on page 22.

Eight explosive ways of showing her you are interested without you
saying a word. How to approach any woman for the first time and already
know she is "up for it". Page 168.

The single most deadly type of conversation a woman will lead you into,
how to sense it coming from a mile away and the sure-fire way to dodge
her lethal trap. Watch her eyes light up with pure desire as you
deliver the "text-book" reply every time. See page 31.

How to use three cheeky little tricks guaranteed to get women talking
to you first. Finally an end to nervous approaches, fumbled
introductions and any risk of rejection. Visit page 78.

"LINES! Do they really work?" Could your sex-life rocket by using them
more often? Finally an end to the fiercest ever debate in dating
history. WARNING: be prepared for a shocking answer. You will find the
answer on page 91.

Why complimenting a woman's new hairstyle could be the biggest mistake
you make this year (the reason will astonish you). Turn to page 102.

How adding five simple words to your speech can skyrocket the impact on
your woman by a staggering 420%. Awesome power - on page 103.

Why a brand-new method called "R.E.Q." can give you total control of
every women from this day forward. They will be ripping at your clothes
with raw passion once you begin using this. Get started on page 111.

One stunning method you can use to hook a woman just before you part.
She'll be so desperate to see you again, she may not let you out of her
sight. Check out page 119.

A guaranteed method to make a woman say "yes" to almost anything you
wish. Warning!! Be very careful what you wish for - it may just come
true. Start on page 124.

Twenty startling ways to focus a woman's attention so tightly on you,
she will be deaf to a sound from anyone else. Kill any hope of
competition from other guys now on page 125.

What are the five most important elements you must combine to guarantee
a woman's undying passion? Miss just one of these and you may as well
be invisible. Catch them all on page 129.

How to steal the most closely guarded secrets of a billion dollar
industry to stir up emotions in your woman she will never forget. And
it will not cost you a dime. Sensational. Turn to page 139.

Immediately discover the one deadly thing you should never (ever) do on
a date - and you will be doing it already without even being aware.
Boost your chances of a second date by 450% in one simple step. See
page 144.

Strike up a conversation instantly with every hot woman you see and
banish hesitation forever - an easy nine-step solution - and it works!!
This is worth it's weight in pure gold. Find out why on page 76.

What's the single most important thing super-studs all have in common?
(Hint: it's got nothing to do with their looks). Uncover their
best-kept secret to snatch the sexiest women from under their noses.
Find out now on page 66.

How to uncover those dream women with heavenly bodies AND a great
personality. They're easy to find...if you know where, when and what to
look for. You'll be tracking them like a heat-seeking missile after
visiting page 213.

How to use your very own killer Seduction Pyramid for breath-taking
results. You've never seen anything like this before but it delivers
night after night of red-hot women to your bedroom door. Starts as
early as page 4.

The exact 15 words I used to pick up the unknown blonde, countless
women since and how you can do the same. How you can be the guy who is
"stroking the cat" tonight... Page 79.

The one simple secret that will make the single biggest difference
between your run-away success with women and total failure. You will be
shocked to the bone when you discover why. See page 175.

Oh Man! And this is just the tip of the iceberg...


You could waste years of your time studying tons of other courses and
books whilst your dream woman slips out of reach. Forget all those,
this is the only one that uncovers and exposes the real world of
seduction with this amazing breakthrough approach.

You could be just minutes from uncovering the most rewarding lifelong
skill you can ever learn. And it's like riding a bicycle - once you
learn how, you can never forget. It's like owning a machine that will
crank out hot women for you, whenever you choose.

But you don't have to take my word for it - here's what others have to

How to be a lady killer gets rave reviews
from guys around the world

"By Far The Most Complete Guide I Ever Found..."

"Ann, How To Be A Lady Killer is by far the most complete and practical
guide to attracting and seducing women I have ever found, anywhere.

I can't believe what you dared to reveal in chapter 5. Using that one
method alone I already went out with two women this week and one of
them stayed the night. And it's only Wednesday. Wow!

You should be charging ten times the price. Thank you so much!!"

- Timothy Ryder

"Three Women In One Week..."

"After two years without a date my confidence was so low I thought I
would never go out with a women again. After blazing through your
course I have three dates lined up in the next week. Ann you are truly

- C Smallpage

"Ann, You Should Be Locked up..."

(From a woman): "Ann, have you lost your mind? Why have you told guys
exactly how to get a woman into bed so easily?

Someone should lock you up and throw away the key for the damage you
have done to women with this guide. Have you no shame?"

- Michelle Grainger

"I Thought I Knew It All..."

"I've been married, divorced, engaged, separated and dated nearly fifty
women over the last few years. I thought I knew it all - at least as
much as it was possible to know about the opposite sex...

But now I must hold my hands up in surrender and say I WAS SO WRONG.
The quality and depth of your guide is breath-taking and has completely
changed the way I will approach women forever."

- John Richard

"Awesome Power..."

"Ann, I just wanted to say, the raw power of your methods for picking
up women is absolutely awesome.

You have completely changed the way I approach women and speak to them.
Great women are just hanging around me all the time - they can't get
enough. Fantastic - you are a star!!"

- David Jenyns

You Don't Have To Waste Hundreds of Hours Suffering,
To Learn a Killer Seduction Method...

...believe it or not this may even delay your route to bedding your
dream woman. You already know the vast expense of all the wasted
drinks, meals and movies. More importantly you know about the crushing
weight of not getting the right woman when YOU want her.

Order this remarkable course right now and you will be reading it
within a few short minutes via our instant download.

Ann May usually charges $50 per hour for women to receive the priceless
benefits of her dating experience in her salon. Jam-packed inside How
To Be A Lady Killer for you is every lesson she's ever learned in 19
years of dating and 6 years of stories about guys from thousands of
women. That's 25 years times $50 per hour.

Heck, if there were only 25 hours worth of knowledge in How To Be A
Lady Killer, that would be a value of $1250. But in fact there are many
times more than 25 hours worth of value inside!!

I would have gladly handed over $500 for How To Be A Lady Killer,
because you can not place a price on the pleasure of being with a
special woman, right? But $500 would mean there's a chance you may not
order and you'll never benefit from the gems inside.

$150 is a tiny fraction of what How To Be A Lady Killer could be worth
to you but you'll be shocked and surprised to discover it's even less
than half this amount. Yes, you can start your amazing journey to
non-stop women now for the introductory price of ONLY $59.95

What, am I crazy? For about the price of dinner for two you could be
feasting yourself on the women of your choice for years to come!! What
is that actually worth to you?


This introductory price WILL increase without notice so please do not
delay. You'll be beating yourself up if you return tomorrow and the
price has doubled, as I cannot guarantee to hold this price past
midnight tonight.

Claim your copy today! This 218 page course can be downloaded and read
instantly on any pc with the free Acrobat reader. At less than 28 cents
per page it is worth every last penny...

But stop!! To make it an even more rewarding deal for you I want to
throw in three killer bonuses. Take a look at what these can do for

Guaranteed Bonuses If You Order Now

Killer Confidence With Women

Bonus #1 -
Killer Confidence With Women

FACT: The more confident you are, the more women you pick up. It is
that simple. Hidden away deep inside this bonus is everything you need
to transform yourself into a confident, power-magnet for women.

It does not matter if you are as timid as a mouse, you will learn:
* A simple 10-step approach to rocket your confidence with women to a
level you can only dream about.
* The four most critical building blocks to supreme confidence. One
of these steps is overlooked by nearly everyone - the most
important one.
* How to blast away shyness, approach every woman you choose and
banish hesitation to history. It works!!
* A simple but very powerful "trick" to boost your confidence with
the help of people you have never even considered. And they will
not have the slightest clue you are doing it.
* And much more...

Wicked Ways To Meet Your Match

Bonus #2 -
Wicked Ways To Meet Your Match

Crammed full of up-to-the-minute \"tips and tricks\" on the greatest
places to meet red-hot women. Including:
* Four little-known places you can go where women will outnumber men
10 to 1. All eyes will be on you - just take your choice of woman.
* Five power-tips to drive stunning women wild with curiosity about
* Seven sure-fire methods to touch a women's heart so dearly she will
be gazing at you with an open mouth.
* How to stack the pick up odds so highly in your favor you could
have a different date every night of the week - if you choose.

10 Steps To Undying Love

Bonus #3 -
10 Steps To Undying Love

How to melt the heart of any woman you choose.
* The fast-track route to your very own dream lover and how one
simple mistake could ruin it forever.
* The single most important way to rocket her happiness in your
company. Get this one right and she will never want to leave your
* One amazing reason why your woman could run for the hills and you
will never know why. If you really want a future with your woman,
keep clear of this common passion killer.
* A thrilling gesture you can perform today that will curl up her
toes with delight. You will banish any hope of her ever looking
elsewhere for love.

If you order right now I'll guarantee these incredible bonuses allowing
you to discover what makes the difference to those who 'walk the talk'
with women today.

Follow these step-by-simple-step rules and you'll be speeding past
other guys like a drag racer on steroids. Some of these secrets are so
powerful you will be itching for the next day to begin so you can
experiment on the next lucky woman you meet.

FACT: Sex is the world's only activity that feels good and tastes good
but is still good for your health - even the doctors agree. So you owe
it to your future and hers to get as much sex as you can.

FACT: When it comes to picking up women, learning from another guy is
useless to you.

Because guys do what they do on auto-pilot and have not the slightest
clue how to teach it to you.

That's where How To Be A Lady Killer is pure genius. The best
definition of genius you will ever hear, is "taking the complex and
making it simple". "Simple" such that normal people, like you and I can
use and apply it.

How To Be A Lady Killer has the unique ability to translate into "real
life" what will make you truly successful at picking up and seducing
your choice of women. With just a glimpse of the awesome power of The
Seduction Pyramid you will understand exactly why it will make such a
difference to you. And believe me, once you "get it" you really will
get it.

Make no mistake - after reading this stunning course and bonuses you've
got everything you need to begin to make a killing with women - but

... there's still one final bonus

100% 'Better-Than-Risk-Free' Guarantee

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this
opportunity as risk-free as possible (in fact even
better-than-risk-free). So I will completely guarantee your success
using How To Be A Lady Killer with my ironclad, rock-solid,
no-questions-asked guarantee:

If, after reading through "How To Be A Lady Killer" you don't believe
it is everything I say it is... if you aren't positively thrilled with
all the skills you will possess... if it doesn't give you goose bumps
and several sleepless nights with thoughts of its potential... or if
you're dissatisfied in any way simply let us know within 56 days for a
100% money back refund.

In fact unless you meet, date and sleep with more hot women within the
next 56 days than you did in the past 2 years, I WANT you to ask for a
refund, because it means Ann has not taught you correctly.

That means you get 2 full months to "test drive", absorb and apply this
astonishing approach to seduction and if you ever do want a refund,
it's on its way - no hassles and no silly questions. In fact you can
keep the bonus e-books "Killer Confidence With Women", "Wicked Ways To
Meet Your Match" and "10 Steps To Undying Love" even if you return How
To Be A Lady Killer.

I've totally demolished any chance of risk for you whatsoever. You've
just uncovered one of the finest risk-free opportunities you will ever
find - every single penny of risk is on my shoulders.


Why would I make such a one-sided guarantee in your favor?

Well, the truth is I'm not really worried about refunds because I've
seen how powerful How To Be A Lady Killer has been in my own sex-life
(and for a handful of carefully selected friends as well). In fact,
once you get your hands on this information and see the incredible
potential, you'd have to be almost insane to return it. I can't
possibly be any fairer than that.


Oh, how I wish I'd found Ann sooner!!

A step-by-simple-step blueprint like the one you'll receive in How To
Be A Lady Killer would have saved me hundreds of dollars on
unsatisfactory dates, years of wasted effort and what seemed like a
life-time of frustration with women.

In fact How To Be A Lady Killer contains everything I wish I could have
had before I first started dating, I would have gotten loads more women
and the simple truth is this:

I will never again allow a good friend anywhere near a woman again
until they have read How To Be A Lady Killer.

Since you've read this far, you've already proven you are a "cut above"
the masses. Most will just glance over a page and then blindly surf on,
but you are different. You are reading every last word and this
personal quality, this desire to seek out more, this attention to
detail are all factors critical to you being a big hit with women.

You've already shown you've got what it takes to have a frenzy of women
desperate to take you home tonight. Why not go ahead? You can only gain
from this offer - you owe it to yourself and your future to take
advantage of this "better-than-risk-free" guarantee. The risk is
entirely mine.

Click here now and you can be reading How To Be A Lady Killer 5 minutes
from now. There's absolutely no way you can live with missing out. The
truth is, not one single person I know has ever gotten anywhere with a
woman by taking a pass when such an opportunity came knocking. Can you
imagine your delight when you order How To Be A Lady Killer and see the
difference it makes to your fun, your dating and your sex life?

Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.


Paul Jeffrey

P.S. Remember, with the "better-than-risk-free" guarantee you can try
out How To Be A Lady Killer for 56 days - that's a full 2 months money
back guarantee with no questions asked. You can even keep the bonuses
Killer Confidence With Women, Wicked Ways To Meet Your Match and 10
Steps To Undying Love, so you are trying How To Be A Lady Killer
entirely at my risk.

P.P.S. How To Be A Lady Killer has fast become THE "must read" guide of
the year for you as a guy who's serious about women, sex and lots of
both. Order now to discover what's causing all the excitement and what
it will do for you. But you need to act quickly before we raise the
price again.

P.P.P.S. Hey! You don't even need to make up your mind now. Read How To
Be A Lady Killer at your leisure, digest it, apply it for 56 days and
if you are even one percent unhappy during this time, simply return it
and you've had it for free. What is the next step you will take to get
the red-hot women you deserve? Order How To Be A Lady Killer now and
it's only possible to gain.

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